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Slimming Germany Exhibition Space Reserved Only for Ingredients and Products with clinical trials/studies

A professional exhibition dedicated to Slimming Germany Ingredients and other Products will take place within the frame of the 1st International Conference On The Latest Innovations and Trends In Weight Loss And Weight Management.

The exhibition will be open only for companies which will provide clinical studies trials for ingredients and / or products.


Dead line for the abstracts submission: March 9th 2007.

Abstracts can be sent as a word file to the following address: isanh@wanadoo.fr


Scientific committee and speakers

Pr Susanne Klaus (Germany)
Dr Markus Clemenz (Germany)
Dr Ute Gola (Germany)
Dr Jason Halford (United Kingdom)
Pr Andreu Palou (Spain)
Dr Anita Belza (Denmark)
Dr Liv Janvary (Germany)
Dr Rob Welch (United Kingdom)
Pr Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson (Sweden)
Maurits Burgering (The Netherlands)
Rianne Ruijschop (The Netherlands)
Dr Tatjana Pavicic (Germany)
Tage Affertsholt (Denmark)
Dr Marvin Edeas (France)
Dr Joerg Gruenwald (Germany)
Dr Vincente Micol (Spain)
Dr Iris Hardewig (Germany)





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